Lobbying Conference 2015


Without a register for the disclosure of lobbying activities, Cypriots do not have sufficient knowledge regarding who is lobbying whom and for what purpose. Coupled with an outbreak of corruption scandals, particularly after the collapse of the Cypriot financial sector, the practice of lobbying, and, consequently, lobbyists, are perceived negatively in Cypriot society.

We call on the government to pass legislation to regulate lobbying as well as to create a broader integrity framework with laws on access to information, whistleblowing protection, asset declaration, conflict of interests and revolving doors. Cyprus, along with Luxembourg remain the only countries in the EU without a Freedom of Information legislation, and are thus lagging behind other EU countries.

Lobbying Conference Final Programme (PDF)

Policy_Position_Lobbying_en (PDF)

Policy_Position_Lobbying_gr (PDF)

Conference Presentations

Maria Krambia-Kapardis
Helen Turek
George Demetriou
Karl Isaksson
Thomas A. Kazakos